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Red Dragon

Synthetic Extended Pommel - Glow

Synthetic Extended Pommel - Glow

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Our Red Dragon HEMA Synthetic Extended Pommel is twice as long as our standard scent-stopper pommels giving an extra 6.5cm of grip. This allows for the bulkiest of padded gloves and provides a lot of extra torque in the blade! The Extended Pommel will convert your single hand sword into a Bastard sword and give your Longsword blade an extra-long grip.

It is made from a special blend of plastic and powdered metal to increase the weight beyond what is achievable with plastic alone. The threaded brass "supertorque" insert offers much better purchase than conventional inserts allowing for a tight fit.

Designed and Manufactured in the U.K.

Designed to fit our complete range Red Dragon HEMA Synthetic Blades.

Buy the Red Dragon HEMA Synthetic Wheel Pommel with confidence from us here at Excalibur Sports

Height: 12.8cm / 5 Inches
Diameter (widest): 5cm / 2 Inches
Diameter (narrowest): 2.5cm / 1 Inch
Thread Size: M8
Weight: 106g / 0.23 lbs
Materials: Plastic, Brass

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