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ES 'Lightweight Pro' Fencing Shoes

ES 'Lightweight Pro' Fencing Shoes

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Designed by fencers for fencers, the lightweight shoe has been made with a breathable mesh fabric along the top and sides to help keep your feet cool and dry during your bouts, while still providing exceptional support around and on top of the foot.

They have a cushioned heel for those hard landings with a high elasticity sole making them springy and bendy, perfect for those big lunges. The sole is a mix of rubber and MD made from EVA foam compression heating, making them extremely wear-resistant while also providing superb grip on sports flooring and fencing pistes.

Furthermore, we know how quick fencing shoes can wear out when being dragged along a metal piste so we have had an additional padded section added to the front inner sides of the shoes to add longevity to them.

Not only are they practical for fencing but they also look great! The red and black minimalistic but sleek design will make you stand out while battling out with your opponent, what is not to love about them?

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