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Men Beginner Complete Kit

Men Beginner Complete Kit

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Knightsbridge exclusive bundle - Complete men's beginner kit

This bundle has been put together to provide a full set of fencing kit suitable for club and competition use.

Mask - A 1600N mask, the highest level of protection which is fully FIE certified

Plastron - A 800N plastron which protects the fencers sword arm and chest area. This goes undeneath the fencing jacket as an additional layer of protection

Jacket - A 800N jacket, suitable for competitions worldwide

Breeches - A pair of 800N breeches, protecting the legs of fencers, suitable for competitions worldwide

Chest Protector - A hard rigid chest plate that goes underneath the jacket and plastron to proivde extra protection from hits

Advanced Glove - A 350N glove which is strong, durable and has extra reinforced pads on the palm to give an increased longevity

Socks - Knee length socks with extra padded shins to help protect against hits. Comes with the Knightsbridge club logo on the back

Epee Bodywire - The bodywire required to connect a weapon to a spool, allowing electric fencing to take place so hits can be registered on the scoring apparatus

Bag - Our wheeled bag which fits a full set of fencing kit inside including mutiple weapons

Complete Weapon - A complete electric Epee with a guard, handle, pad and socket - everything to get you fighting!

(Optional) Training bundle - includes a hitting pad, tennis ball on elastic string and resistance bands. Essentials to get your training while at home