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Folo FIE Foil Blade (Wired)

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The blades have passed all the rigorous tests in Paris which are required by the FIE SEMI Commission for all manufacturers. They are made from maraging steel produced in the EU with all world high quality standards observed.

The blades are more durable than standard stainless steel blades and are approved for participation in all competitions around the world including the world championships and the Olympic Games.

1) Upgraded balance of the blade and improved handling.

2) Medium stiffness provides better tip control.

3) The bending is closer to the tip

4) Improved tactile feel during the match

5) High-grade metal processing looks great

Each stage of production is carefully monitored and adheres to strict quality and safety standards.

Each blade has its production date on it as well as a special code that is used to control the quality of the metal and production.

The standard FIE stamp with the abbreviation FF is used on each blade, which means it was produced by Folo Fencing.

Weight 185g +- 5g

Available in size 5. Complete with an FIE point