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Foilist Photo Hoodie

Foilist Photo Hoodie

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Introducing our latest creation: the "Foilist Photo" Hoodie! Embrace the elegance and excitement of fencing with this captivating design, exclusively crafted for athletes of all ages.

Front and center, a dynamic photograph captures the essence of the sport, showcasing a skilled foilist in motion. Every lunge, every parry, is frozen in time, epitomizing the grace and precision of this noble pursuit. It's a tribute to the dedication and determination of fencers everywhere.

Behind the foilist, a backdrop of crossed foils and fencing masks adds depth to the design, evoking the spirit of competition and camaraderie that defines the fencing community. It's an invitation for fencers to unite and share in the passion for their sport.

Crafted from premium quality fabric, this hoodie offers both warmth and style. Whether you're training on the strip or cheering from the sidelines, this hoodie is the perfect way to showcase your love for fencing.

Embrace the elegance of the sport with the "Foilist Photo" Hoodie. Let every duel be a testament to your skill and dedication, as you strive for excellence on the fencing strip and beyond.

Design by FencingStuff.

Size Chart:

Small - 36" Chest
Medium - 38" Chest
Large - 40" Chest
XLarge - 42" Chest
2XLarge  - 44" Chest
3XLarge - 36" Chest
4XLarge - 48" Chest
5XLarge - 50" Chest

Women's Cut:
Small - 32" Chest
Medium - 34" Chest
Large - 37"  Chest
XLarge - 39" Chest
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