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Childs 350N Camelot Jacket

Childs 350N Camelot Jacket

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Introducing the Child's 350N Camelot Jacket, a vital piece of protective gear for young fencers participating in both club activities and national-level competitions. Crafted to meet 350N safety standards, this jacket offers reliable protection while allowing for freedom of movement and comfort during fencing bouts.

Key Features:
Versatile Usage: Designed for use in club practices and national competitions, this 350N jacket is suitable for young fencers of all skill levels.
Reliable Protection: Constructed with 350N-rated fabric, this jacket provides adequate protection against impacts and abrasions on the fencing strip, ensuring the safety of young fencers.
Comfortable Fit: Engineered with ergonomic designs and breathable materials, this jacket offers a comfortable and secure fit, enabling young fencers to focus on their performance without distraction.
Compliance with Competition Rules: It's essential to adhere to competition regulations regarding protective gear. Please ensure your child is equipped with the appropriate equipment for each event. Our store offers 800N FIE kit for higher-level competitions, meeting the strict requirements of international fencing federations.
Easy Accessibility: You can easily find 800N FIE kit and other fencing essentials at our store, ensuring your child has access to the necessary protective gear for any competition level.

Equip your young fencer with the Child's 350N Camelot Jacket, providing them with the protection and confidence they need to excel in their fencing endeavors. With our range of gear, including 800N FIE kit, you can support your child's fencing journey at every level of competition.

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