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Malterre Conductive Roll Out Fencing Piste

Malterre Conductive Roll Out Fencing Piste

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FIE Approval Number

FIE approved electric conductive roll out piste. Each piste comes in it's own carry bag for transportation and storage.

The unique patented mesh prevents tearing during normal use and ensures perfect electrical conductivity.

Mounted on a PVC support, it will ensure the installation of pistes in minimum time, out of dedicated fencing halls (competitions open days, demonstrations, public…) with an increased durability.

The piste is silver in colour with overlocked sticking around the entire edge of the piste. The piste comes with all piste line markings . It is recommended to tape the ends of the piste down when in use to stop any movement.


Width: 1.5m

Length: 17m

Weight: 29kgs

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